13.04 2020 11:15h

Brands get Help in Communicating Key Messages through Facebook's New Templates

During COVID-19 Shutdowns social platforms are helping brands stay in the communicating game.
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via FB

A new set of templates has been provided by Facebook in order to help brands and businesses communicate important key messages during this COVID-19 lockdown, according to Social Media Today.

"We know that many businesses are facing unexpected challenges at the moment, including keeping in touch with customers, so we wanted to share a few things that you can do to get ahead of these challenges and stay connected," Facebook says.

These templates provided by Facebook give brands simple, visual tools that they can use in order to communicate key business changes. These changes include direction people towards online purchasing options, a way to offer different support options, the promotions of gifts cards in order to support the brand and many other ways as well, according to Social Media Today.

By clicking here, any business can easily download the templates provided by Facebook within their own posts as these templates could help businesses provide a useful, visual way to communicate key messages across their platform.

Other than the templates, Facebook has also provided brands with a set of automated responses they can use in order to respond to messages send via Messenger or Instagram - set up automated responses here. Facebook has also released tips and tricks for effective brand use through Facebook Live, according to Social Media Today.

Facebook is pulling out all the stops to help brands and businesses communicate effectively on social media.

Access all of the platform's COVID-19 business tips and tools right here.

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