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How Social Media Creators Are Helping Global Audiences through Positive Content

The online global community has never been closer…
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For the past several weeks, the world has grappled with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and as a result lockdowns and curfews have been enforced globally in order to combat the spread of the virus.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the daily news on the virus in the media. To bring some relief and add some positive cheer social media influencers are keeping the world entertained and informed about wellness, health and motivational messages.

As social distancing has now become the ‘new normal’, billions of people around the world have turned to social media to stay connected to friends and family. Additionally, we also rely on various networks and platforms to ensure that ‘working from home’ remains as efficient and effective as possible. What makes the current situation unique, is its global impact- billions of people are in the same predicament.

Consequently, Facebook has reported an unprecedented surge in user activity amid the crisis and across many other social media platforms, activity has never been higher.

As a result, the online world has looked upon social media influencers to share their personal experiences and advice in dealing with the unknown.


From free at home workout videos to live streams with millions of participants, social media influencers globally have stepped up to add doses of positivity and shed light during a very unfamiliar time.

For example, a company in Los Angeles has teamed up with local influencers to educate the millennial audience specifically on the importance of staying home in order to flatten the curve. For many millennials and young adults who turn to social media to stay informed, learning about issues and world news from a familiar face such as a known influencer is far more comforting and personal than perhaps hearing the same message on the broadcast news. 

The importance of health and personal wellness has always been a topic of conversation online however at the moment, as the world takes a pause, the relevance has never echoed louder.

As gyms and fitness centres remain closed, social media influencers around the world have taken to Instagram to educate their audience on the benefits of exercise and activity even if venturing out is not an option. In Dubai, fitness influencer and trainer Peter Barron regularly shares, with his audience of over 100,000 followers, quick and easy workouts which can be done at home to improve the overall quality of life.

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ARMS UPPER BODY HOME WORKOUT SAVE | SHARE and tag someone who needs to workout their upper body at home. For this one you're going to complete all super sets together. For example you will repeat B1 & B2 3times before moving onto C1 then 1min there before moving onto D1 & D2. A1 - Jumping jacks x 1min 3x B1 - Chair dips x 20 reps B2 - Push up wide 20 reps C1 - Jumping jacks 1min 3x D1 - Shoulder taps x 20 D2 - Plank twists x 20 E1 - Arm rotations x 1min 3x F1 - Toe touch plank x20 F2 - Staggered push up x 20 Getting this done as part of the @adidas #hometeam . Let's give it a try. @officialrevoguestudio always helping me out to create high quality content #abworkout #workout #workoutathome #homeworkout #workoutroutine #quarantineworkout #fatburningworkout #coreworkout #weightlossworkout #fatlossworkout #upperbodyworkout #workoutathome #dubaifitness #dubaifitfam #tonedarmsworkout #fitspiration #fitspo #fitnessinspo #gymmotivation #workoutmotivation #homefitness #homeroutine #homeworkouts

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For many fitness enthusiasts who rely on the guidance of personal trainers and group exercise classes, these videos prove incredibly helpful and uplifting while social distancing

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Similarly, in India, influencers in Kochi have teamed up to provide a 21 days of wellness course aimed at helping people who deal with stress and anxiety cope amidst the pandemic.  The free course has been specially designed by influencers who are trained wellness practitioners and according to the founder, the main objective is to spread cheer and positivity.

Digital communities are generally good at fostering a sense of togetherness despite physical distance and content that is relatable and honest is extremely effective at improving people’s moods and maintaining connection.

Whether it’s by sharing a silly video or even a throwback photo, influencers have emerged as important figures in our online community as we constantly look for content to inspire and motivate or provide a much needed ‘break’ or distraction from the outside world.

Influencer Ghida Arnaout of (@Monkyseemonkydo) regularly posts funny content which inspires a conversation amongst her followers.

Such interactions are especially important as lockdowns and social distancing regulations remain mandatory worldwide and users turn to social media to feel a sense of connection and inclusivity.

Similarly, Saygin Yalcin the renowned Dubai based entrepreneur and influencer has lent his voice to the UAE Nation Brand campaign entitled ‘Can a Person Trust a Country’ which aims at instilling feelings of peace and trust within the citizens and residents of the UAE amidst a trying time. Such campaigns strengthen the bond of the online community.

A simple activity, such as a TikTok dance challenge, has the power to connect people across the world in as little as a few hours and spark a light-hearted and humorous global conversation.

As Dubai based influencer Ahmed Nasheet demonstrates in his funny Instagram video, the opportunity to stop and try something new or silly is extremely effective in motivating thousands of followers to get up and get moving even for a little while.

Social media content creators play an important role in shaping a global online culture through trends, challenges and even memes and the positive impacts can be felt across cultures and even despite language barriers and social distancing regulations.


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