15.04 2020 12:05h

7 Ways to Campaign Effectively with Facebook Messenger

Enhance Your Marketing Campaign with these tips and tricks!
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Social media usage has found itself at an all-time high amid this COVID-19 lockdown, so it is worth considering these other avenues for brand marketing as brands are able to reach their audiences online to boost their engagement, according to Social Media Today.

Facebook Messenger is one option to consider.

According to a new inforgraph from Branex, this medium is used by around 31% of brands and businesses in their efforts to reach their audiences.

Brand messages sent through Messenger see a higher open rate which enhances a brand's connection with their audience through a more "intimate communications channel", according to Social Media Today.

Brands need to approach messaging with caution due to the fact that it can be easy for brands to overstep marks when connecting with customers via message; however, it is important to mention that Facebook does have strict limits on the amount of messages brands can send to customers. When used well, Facebook Messenger can complement their overall marketing effort, according to Social Media Today.

This new method is worthy of consideration by brands so check out the full infographic here, and find below the key tips and tricks for insights into the potential of Messenger for brand campaigns.

Here's why brands should use Facebook Messenger:

  • There are 1.3 billion active users on Facebook Messenger monthly.
  • 31% of businesses use Facebook Messenger 
  • Facebook Messenger Ads have a 100% conversion rate.
  • Facebook Messenger Ads can reduce cost per lead by 30x to 50x
  • Facebook Messenger has an open rate of 70-80% and a click-through rate of 20%

Here are the 7 tips brands can use Facebook Messenger:

  1. Content delivery
    • This means brands should ditch the traditional way of filling out forms for newsletter subscriptions through emails as well as pushing out content with a chatbot on Facebook Messenger
  2. Help users find relevant content
    • So instead of pushing content to a brand's target audience, they can help their audience pull relevant content with Facebook Messenger
  3. Engage participants during events
    • This means brands should send reminders, real-time updates as well as important information to their participating audience. 
    • Brands should also take the benefits of higher engagement with Facebook Messenger.
  4. Generate High-Quality Sales Leads
    • Now with a higher response rate, brands can easily grab the attention of their target audience in order to generate high-quality sales.
    • Brands can use clicks to messenger ads along with location targeting for even better results
  5. Remarket to Potential Customers
    • Brands should use sponsored messages to initiate conversations with users who have interacted with the brands Facebooks page before, as well as boost their conversion rate.
  6. Reach Out to Your Target Audience Individually
    • Brands can use Messenger ads, which is a great way to cut through all the traffic and reach out to their target audience on a one to one note.
  7. Customer Support
    • Users on social media expect quick responses from brands, so Facebook Messengers gives the option to brands on the platform to deliver quick and effective customer support.

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