18.04 2020 16:49h

Facebook Publishes Ramadan Marketing Insights

The information aims to help those who want to create meaningful brand connections during the Holy Month...
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As Ramadan approaches, Facebook has launched a new mini site dedciated to helping brands and marketers build meaningful connections and campaigns during the Holy Month.

As per Facebook:

"Brands have an opportunity to create meaningful connections during Ramadan by being of service to observers and taking stands on the values and issues important to the community. This should be done in a respectful way because, while business opportunities exist during the month, it is a special time for the community, particularly now when there’s a crisis at hand."

According to the website, here are some key insights to keep in mind when planning your Ramadan campaigns

Be where it matters.
This year, as Ramadan takes place in the midst of COVID-19, people are going to rely on technology and digital platforms even more to connect with the people and brands they care about. Meet them on the platforms they use most and share useful information to help them during this busy time. Browse our Ramadan success stories to find inspiration.

Maintain customer communication.
In light of this new landscape, focus on business continuity and maintain ongoing dialogue with customers. This could mean proactively answering customer inquiries, responding to changes in consumption scenarios or marketing the most relevant products. Check out Facebook’s COVID-19 Business Resource Hub for tools to help you through these unexpected challenges.

Tell meaningful stories.
Given the religious importance of Ramadan, it’s important to speak to the core values of the season while balancing promotional messages. Be respectful and connect with your audience authentically. This could mean giving back to society, taking a stance on an issue that matters to Ramadan observers, being of service to those affected by COVID-19 or simply avoiding cliches.

What would you like to see brands focus on during the Holy Month of Ramadan?

Let us know in the comments below!


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