18.04 2020 21:32h

Instagram Influencer faces backlash for partying in Bali amid lockdown

The original posts have been taken down following severe criticism...
Tyrone Hermitt, Instagram influencer, Backlash, Bali, Influencer News
via Instagram

Tyrone Hermitt, a British Instagram Influencer based in Manchester, took to Instagram to post what a great time he was having at a party in Bali with crowds of people in the background.

As the world locks down and social distancing regulations have been enforced to combat the spread of COVID-19, Tyrone's fans were not pleased.

The video, which has now been taken off Hermitt’s social media, youngsters at a 21st birthday party in Bali with a DJ, ignoring all the rules set out by the World Health Organization. It contains footage of someone screaming, “Nothing low key about this!” from behind.

Tyrone Hermitt has now reportedly deactivated his Instagram account after receiving backlash from the online community.

He said: 'This was not my party. I apologise for attending. I did not realise there was going to be as much people at the party and it looked more busy than it was. I respect Bali and will be donating to some charities to help locals who are losing jobs and need help.'

What are your thoughts on such posts by social media stars?

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