20.04 2020 11:45h

How the Different Generations of Consumers are Using Social Media

Gen Z, Gen X, Millennials and Baby Boomers use social media differently
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1000 consumers and 500 business were recently surveyed by Animoto and their findings revolved around the fact that 75% of Millennials' purchase descions are influenced by the social media presence of the brand.

Millennials have been raised online for the most part and the response figures vary across the different age brackets, according to Social Media Today.

The Animoto team broke down their research based on generations in order to provide more insight.

Some of their key findings include:

  • Instagram is the chosen platform by Gen Z to follow brands
  • YouTube and Facebook Feeds are used mostly by Baby Boomers
  • YouTube is relied on when making purchase decisions by Gen Z, Gen X and Millennials

The full report is found here, or take a look at the highlights below:

Where they spend the most time:

  • Gen Z (1995-2015)
    • YouTube
    • Instagram Feed
    • Instagram Stories
    • Snapchat
  • Millennial (1980-1994)
    • YouTube
    • Facebook Feed
    • Facebook Stories
  • Gen X (1965-1979)
    • YouTube
    • Facebook Feed
    • Facebook Stories
  • Baby Boomers (1944-1964)
    • YouTube
    • Facebook Feed

Where they follow brands:

  • Gen Z - Instagram
  • Millennials - Facebook
  • Gen X - YouTube

How they make purchasing decisions:

  • Gen Z - YouTube
  • Millennial - YouTube
  • Gen X - YouTube

How engaging your audience is with videos from brands:

  • Gen Z - 52%
  • Millennial - 70%
  • Gen X - 52%
  • Baby Boomer 38%

60% of Gen Xers prefer videos when they are learning about a new brand or product. Whereas 52% of Gen Xers and 72% of Baby Boomers have said that video was the most helpful medium when making a purchase decision online, according to Social Media Today.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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