05.05 2020 10:05h

Ghida Arnaout has a message for all the haters

Who says a woman can't do both?
Ghida Arnaout, MonkySeeMonkyDo, Self love, Positivity
via Ghida Arnaout Instagram

Ghida Arnaout of @monkyseemonkydo is indeed the Instagram it-girl who symbolizes all things adventures, wellness and exciting travel.

Ghida's photos continue to inspire us to live our best, authentic lives through new experiences and generous doses of self-love and self-care.

In her most recent post, Ghida shared an image of herself wearing both high heels and sports shoes.

In the caption, Ghida expresses her frustration regarding people's questions on her fashion choices. As she is usually seen in sports and athletic wear, for some unapparent reason, people are shocked when she wears a dress and heels? 

Of course, I echo her frustrations. 

Just because you like one thing doesn't mean that you can't like another or have interest in seemingly conflicting subjects.

Surely it's okay to wear whatever you want whenever you want, granted that you feel comfortable and confident.

As she rightly said, "You can love both or love one equally." 

If you like climbing mountains by day and dressing up in heels and hitting the town at night, your interests are purely your own and you don't owe anyone an explanation. 

Big thanks to Ghida for sharing her thoughts!


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