09.05 2020 19:38h

Miquela the CGI Virtual Influencer signs with CAA

Miquela is the world's most prominent virtual influencer
Lil Miquela, CGI, Influencer, CAA, Virtual influencer
via Lil Miquela Instagram

The world’s most prominent virtual influencer, Miquela, has signed with CAA as the talent agency’s first virtual client, Variety reported Wednesday. If you’re not familiar with her, Miquela (aka “Lil Miquela”) is a CGI digital avatar with 2.2 million Insta followers and 550,000 TikTok followers.

Miquela has already partnered with Samsung, Prada, Calvin Klein, and YouTube.

In 2018, Time named her one of the internet’s 25 most influential people. The self-proclaimed “change-seeking robot with the drip” has used her platform to advocate for social causes.

A regular at fashion shows and events around the world, Miqula is perhaps the most prominent virtual influencer in the world.

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