11.05 2020 14:40h

Let the TikTok 'Money Heist' challenge inspire your next hairstyle

A scene from the hit Netflix show has inspired the newest viral challenge on TikTok
Money Heist, TikTok Challenge, Viral Challenge
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TikTok users have come up with yet another beauty meme to keep us entertained for weeks to come while many of us are still under stay-at-home orders.

This time, it's in the form of a hair challenge. The challenge is based on a fan-favorite scene from the Spanish Netflix series Money Heist, and it's become so popular that many TikTok users are trying their hand at the fun beauty hack that only requires a pencil and some patience.

All you need is a pencil and some hair!

In the now-viral scene, Raquel, aka Pencil Girl, takes a pencil and, with ease, she wraps her hair in a loose bun around the pencil and then puts it up on the top of her head.

Almost all of the videos are also scored to the song “Bella Ciao,” an Italian protest song which recurs throughout the series.


i’ve neva watched money heist but i wanna put y’all on porcupine quills which work double duty as a bit of self defense.

Bella ciao - HUGEL Remix Extended - El Profesor


I’m trying this with wet hair to see if it leaves curls....... I’ll post the results if it works ##hair ##curls ##bun ##tutorial ##fyp ##xyzbca

Bella ciao - HUGEL Remix Extended - El Profesor


was requested by a few x ##fyp ##moneyheist ##detective ##theprofessor ##raquel ##viral ##funnyvideos ##foryourpage

♬ Bella ciao - HUGEL Remix Extended - El Profesor


if u don’t get this we ain’t friends ##lacasadepapel ##casadepapel ##moneyheist ##inspectormurillo

Bella ciao - HUGEL Remix Extended - El Profesor


hopefully you get this ##moneyheist

Bella ciao - HUGEL Remix Extended - El Profesor

Have you tried this challenge yet?

Let us know in the comments below!


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