13.05 2020 12:54h

The Music Usage Rules on TikTok have been changed

The new rules apply to business pages and verified accounts only!
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Previously, commercial business pages and verified accounts on TikTok were able to use all the songs available on the app without restrictions being imposed. 

These rules have now been changed according to Dave Jorgenson, a video producer for The Washington Post who has reported that TikTok has quietly altered the rules around commercial usage of popular music, which will stop verified brands from using popular tracks, referring them, instead, to a new, royalty-free 'Commercial Music Library' of sounds that are available for businesses.

In further notes, TikTok explains that the Commercial Music Library aims to provide "high-quality, free-to-use music" that will "also save you time and investment in sorting out music licensing".

On the other hand, these entities won't be allowed to include popular tracks in their clips from now on.

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