13.05 2020 18:48h

A Record-Breaking 1.2 million Meals Have Been Provided to COVID-19 affected communities in just 9 days

All 1.2 million lights on the Burj Khalifa were lit in just 9 days of the #WorldsTallestDonationBox initiative
Burj Khalifa, WorldsTallestDonationBox, Charity, UAE, Covid-19

Burj Khalifa, WorldsTallestDonationBox, Charity, UAE, Covid-19

Donations have flooded in from around the world as all 1.2 million lights on the Burj Khalifa have been lit in just nine days!

The #WorldsTallestDonationBox initiative, part of the 10 million meals campaign represents the hope, strength and unity of the global community which stands together during uncertain times to provide support for COVID-19 affected communities in the UAE. 

The initiative was well-supported by the public from its inception. In just 24 hours, 200,000 Lights were purchased. In 4 Days, 400,000 Lights were illuminated and on the 7the day 900,000 lights shone bright.

On its 9th day, all 1.2 Million lights were lit!

The initiative also made waves on social media as various influencers came together virtually to lend their support and promote the campaign.

Noor Al Huda, Laila Mourad, Zainab Aleqabi, Saoud Al Kaabi and Jumana Khan all lent their platforms and voices to spread the word.

Additionally, Emirati internet star Khalid Alameri also took part in the campaign, by sharing a promotional video to his Instagram platform where he has amassed over 980,000 followers.

Khaled AlShehhi, the Executive Director of Production and Digital Communication Sector at the Public Diplomacy Office in the UAE Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future has said, “The beauty of the World’s Tallest Donation Box is that our volunteers were the 9 million people living across the UAE who could donate with a click of a button and within the comfort of their own homes. In seconds, they would secure meals for those in need.”

Al Shehhi stressed that the first-of-its-kind initiative demonstrated how simple acts of giving could bring hope to people’s lives. The creativity and simplicity of the ideas have encouraged everyone to participate and spread the word. They are focused on launching campaigns, like the World’s Tallest Donation Box, that is from everyone to everyone. People are always at the forefront of any campaign from the idea creation to the execution.

He continued, “The initiative allowed donors to see the direct impact of their contributions through the lights they shine on the world’s tallest building, which symbolizes the rays of hope their acts of giving bring to people’s lives at this critical time. We succeeded in showcasing our solidarity with people across the world through uniting all segments of the society to secure 1.2 million meals in just one week.”

He noted, “We succeeded in showcasing our solidarity with people across the world through uniting all segments of the society to secure 1.2 million meals in just one week.

The UAE’s biggest food distribution drive, will continue receiving donations and securing meals throughout Ramadan under the supervision of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI) in collaboration with the Social Solidarity Fund against Covid-19.

Thanks to the support of the international community and renowned social media influencers, who used their platform to promote the cause, this record-breaking goal was achieved. 

Special thanks to:

Shahad Ballan, Khalid Ameri, Mahira Abdel Aziz, Alanoud Badr, Tamara Al Gabbani, Taim Al Falasi, Sara Murad, Azza Al MughairyHaifa Beseisso, Karen Wazen, Mais Mohammed, Soha MT, Peter Barron, Suki Lu, Dina Zahran, Rasha Al Beick, Naomi D'Souza, Haroon Tahir and Homam Ayaso

You can still get involved, visit www.10millionmeals.ae for additional information!


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