20.05 2020 11:03h

TikTok removes #autismchallenge from video sharing platform

TikTok took action to remove the challenge after receiving major backlash
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TikTok has removed all videos which have been shared on the platform under the #autismchallenge after drawing anger and frustration from the autism community and beyond.

Videos marked with the hashtag #autismchallenge gained attention in early May after individuals with autism and members of the community began expressing anger and frustration at the new 'trend.'

In the videos, background music plays while users move around and make movements and facial expressions which mock people with disabilities.

One Twitter user expressed his hurt at the new challenge and said, "I hope (for) people that did the challenge to be educated and learn that this is wrong."

Autism advocacy organization ,The Autism Society of America, issued a statement last week calling on TikTok to remove the offensive challenge from its platform.

"Every individual, regardless of neuro-diversity, should be treated with dignity and respect," the statement reads. "The Autism Society demands that TikTok takes the necessary action to end this offensive challenge, and apologize to the autism and disability communities for this shameful activity."

TikTok has since removed the challenge from its platform.

What are your thoughts on these challenges? Have they gone too far?

Let us know in the comments below!


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