25.05 2020 22:38h

TikTok summarized

This hilarious video perfectly summarizes how we have all felt about TikTok at some point
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TikTok has blown up during the COVID-19 pandemic and it seems as if the short form video sharing app has perfectly cemented its place in modern pop-culture.

TikTok celebrities are now bona-fide superstars and although the majority of users are GENZ and millenial users, even grandparents have been getting in on the TikTok action.

In a fan made video shared to YouTube, the 5 stages of TikTok are hilariously summarized.

At the beginning of quarantine, we admit, the TikTok hype was pretty non-existent.

Two months later however, we're all about it!

TikTok has inspired us to bake banana bread, whip up fluffy coffee and even inspired many a dance challenge.

What are your thoughts on the #TikTok takeover?

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments section!


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