28.05 2020 12:18h

Instagram will roll out Ads on IGTV

Revenue will be split between Instagram and the Influencer
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According to an online article shared by CNBC, On Wednesday 27th May, Facebook announced its plans to roll out Ads on IGTV .

Influencers and content creators of all natures will now be able to monetize their content on IGTV and the resulting revenue will be split between Facebook and the creator.

“We’re committed to making IGTV an effective and brand-safe space for advertising, so that we can help creators make money and connect people with great products,” the company said in a blog post.

Instagram will share at least 55% of the revenue from these ads with creators, which would undoubtedly encourage more influencers to start creating content for the live platform.

As of now, IGTV videos can be viewed on the Instagram app or via the actual IGTV app. 

Instagram will start testing this feature in the United States in the coming weeks however the company has not commented on any official roll-out plans for other countries. 

Do you think this will encourage influencers to be more discerning with their IG live content?

Let us know in the comments below!


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