31.05 2020 12:05h

Facebook Launches New App focused on Live Events

The app is called 'Venue'
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'Venue' the new app launched by Facebook's NPE team has been launched! 

The app is a live event companion tool which aims to all engagement to promote real time-viewing.

As explained by Facebook:

"Despite drawing large concurrent viewership, live broadcasts are still a mostly solo viewing experience. Passionate fans are constantly seeking better ways to engage with other fans and experts around their favorite events. Venue aims to give fans an interactive second-screen experience, curated by experts and centered on the pivotal moments of their favorite events."

Similar to Twitter, Venue will give fans the opportunity to fire out questions and comments in real time as an event is in progress while also allowing them to connect with other fans who are also tuned in.

According to Social Media Today, "The way it works is that, for each live-streamed event - say, the latest NASCAR race - Facebook will provide selected personalities, like journalists, athletes and/or “fan-analysts”, with their own 'Venue' within the app,. That Venue will serve as a hub where users can access each commentators' thoughts and insights."

The objective is that by providing alerts around specific moments, fans can take in the event as normal but then check-in on the app when a trending discussion is happening and also look at specific 'Moments' which will be created by the personality hosting the event. 

As Facebook explained, "Venue is one way for fans to connect with other passionate fans who share their love for the sport, team, or rivalry. We believe that Venue can help fans feel the energy of watching live events alongside other fans."

Venue is available on iOS and Android in the United States but the company has not commented on further roll out plans aimed at other territories.

Will you use this app?

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