01.06 2020 10:19h

What is Zynn?

The new app looks a lot like a TikTok clone
Zynn, TikTok, Social Media News

A new app has taken over the app store and has surpassed TikTok, Instagram and Zoom!

It's called Zynn which was launched in early May 2020 and it's literally a button for button clone of TikTok.

The only difference? Zynn pays you to watch its short videos. TThe time spent watching turns into points, which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cashed out via PayPal. If you create an account and you’re already to receive some points.

So how does Zynn afford to shell out cash to everyone that looks at videos on the app?

The business model is ad based which means Zynn makes money from the companies/brands that choose their platforms to create content.

Once their revenue is higher than the pay-outs, we presume that would allow them to continue playong viewers.

Videos and points aside, the real money here comes from referrals. Users can receive $20 for every friend invited, and a “bonus” $10 for every fifth. So $110 for every five friends. But the stipulation is that they must download, sign up and continually use the app.

Do you think Zynn has a chance of surpassing TikTok?

Let us know in the comments below!


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