02.06 2020 19:34h

Sam Chui has launched a Podcast

Aviation's top social media influencer has partnered with Aviation Business Middle East on the podcast
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via Sam Chui Instagram

Sam Chui, who is arguably the aviation industry's leading social media influencer, has partnered with Aviation Business Middle East on a podcast series aptly titled The Sam Chui Aviation Business Podcast.

The monthly podcast series is designed to inform, educate and entertain those who seek to know more about the aviation industry. 

As we all yearn for the days when we can travel freely again, Sam's podcast will definitely inspire those who crave that feeling of the sky while still indoors. 

According to Aviation Business Middle East, 'In the pilot episode, which can be accessed HERE, Sam asks whether we will ever see the A380 gracing the skies again after the coronavirus pandemic. He also discusses the ongoing role of passenger aircraft in maintaining world supply chains and explains why the Middle East airline market is likely to recover quicker than in the West.'

With more than 2 million YouTube subscribers, Sam is undoubtedly the social media authority on all things aviation and fans have come to rely on him for valuable insight and inside scoop into the industry. 

Podcast listeners can expect interviews with major movers and shakers in aviation and also discussions on the very relevant topic of life after the pandemic which has impacted the industry heavily. 

Episode one of the Aviation Business podcast with Sam Chui, cleverly titled the pilot episode, has been brought to the airwaves in association with Bose Aviation. 

Fans can access the podcast via YouTube and Spotify.

What would you like Sam to cover on the podcast?

Let us know in the comments below!


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