03.06 2020 17:03h

A TikTok user's half-'blackface' makeup tutorial sparks outrage

The teenager faced major backlash and has since issued an apology
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A 16-year-old aspiring makeup influencer who goes by catharinas_beauty on TikTok is facing major  backlash from the online community after posting a blackface video, apparently in an effort to promote racial unity, that ultimately failed miserably.

The clip has been deleted off TikTok however it has been reshared on Twitter where it racked up 1 million views since posted.

It shows the Austrian teen applying dark-colored makeup to half her face and neck with the two sides separated by a melting pattern. The tone-deaf tutorial is set to “This Is America” by Childish Gambino (a k a Donald Glover).

In a subsequent video, catharinas_beauty apologizes for the post, writing in German: “I deleted the video & the picture and I hope you can forgive me.” She’s also reportedly issued multiple apologies, claiming she didn’t know what blackface was or its offensive tradition.


Das video & das Bild habe ich gelöscht und ich hoffe ihr könnt mir verzeihen es war niemals so gemeint ##blacklifesmatter

Originalton - catharinas_beauty

“I only wanted to send a message against racism, but I did it wrong,” she writes on Instagram. “I’m only 16 and have to learn much more about the world history.”

Social media users did not hold back on voicing their opinions and some posts were truly #savage

Similarly, another beauty blogger, this time in the Phillipines,  also sparked outrage after he posted a racially insensitive 'tutorial' also featuring black face. *face palm*

Listen up social media users! Blackface is never okay. It is always racist. 

If you'd like some more insight into this, please see this article by CNN

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