04.06 2020 11:51h

YouTuber Shane Dawson faces backlash for old videos

The videos which show the star in 'blackface' have resurfaced
Shane Dawson, Influencers, YouTube, Black Lives Matter
via Shane Dawson Instagram

YouTuber Shane Dawson is facing heat after old videos showing the star in 'blackface' have resurfaced.

Twitter user @chaoticgaythey revived the #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty hashtag by sharing an old photo of Dawson's video sketches which features him in 'blackface.'

The post stated, “Shane Dawson is proof cancel culture isn’t real. Thought I’d remind everybody in light of that one post about men having cats and consent.”

For years Dawson, who has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube, dressed up in blackface for his comedic sketches and received little to no backlash for it. He is also notorious for making racial remarks in his videos and again, faced minimal backlash.

During the 2012 VidCom segment Wikipedia references, “he invited teenage girls onstage and encouraged them to engage in what he called ‘ghetto pranks,’ which included jokes about chicken and booty dances,” according to a Daily Dot article titled “Does YouTube have a blackface problem?”

Dawson subsequently issued an apology for his behavior via a YouTube video where he stated, “I’m sorry for anyone offended by my old videos. I have no hate in my heart and I hope you can forgive me.”

In wake of this week's revival of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Shane has used his Instagram platform to promote equality and also highlight black creators. 

Content creators definitely need to acknowledge the diversity which comprises the entire online community and also their personal audiences. 

Please think before you post.

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