09.06 2020 17:35h

'How to make hot tea’ TikTok video sparks outrage

Users were not pleased after an American woman showcased her 'unique' method online
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An American woman and her daughter have sparked outrage online after uploading a video entitled 'How to make hot tea.'

The 35-second video has now gone viral after it was shared on Twitter with the caption “Never been so triggered in my life.”

Michelle who goes by the username @jchelle36 on TikTok and lives in the UK, is known for sharing tea videos — but her latest post has left Brits very confused and even fuming.

In the video, Michelle is joined by her daughter and in 35 seconds they explain the 'best way to make hot tea is to fill a mug with water, put it in the microwave for one minute, then pour milk in (right to the brim).'

“Drop the tea bag, add the sugar in,” which her daughter pours an unwarranted amount from a tin, “then give it a little stir”.

She concluded the video by saying, “and that’s how you make hot tea”.

Ummm.. needless to say, people on Twitter were SAVAGE.

Some users even clapped back by sharing their own tea videos- essentially taking Michelle to school.

I think this tweet may have been the funniest...

While the internet may have been enraged, Michelle stood by her tea making techniques despite the backlash, telling one viewer, “I like it.”

Tea each his own?

What are your thoughts?

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