13.06 2020 21:31h

LinkedIn Hiring Data Shows Recovery Signs in Several Countries

It's a good sign for those who are job-seeking in certain regions
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In a web article shared by LinkedIn entitled, 'Global hiring shows the first material signs of recovery', Karin Kimbrough, Chief Economist at LinkedIn, has shared insight and data which suggests that some countries are on their way to recovery as lockdown restrictions ease. 

According to the article, 'China has begun to climb back towards positive year-over-year growth, a hopeful sign for countries still in the midst of managing the outbreak of COVID-19.'

As illustrated in the below graph, China's data is now moving upwards, which could be positive news for other markets who are still dealing with the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

France and Singapore are seeing the sharpest recoveries, while job postings in Australia, the US, the UK and Italy are also steadily inching north.

If anything, the graph suggests that as countries ease their lockdown restrictions and businesses resume regular trading hours, hiring is beginning to grow gradually starting four to six weeks after lockdown measures began to relax.

As many countries, including the United States, continue to grapple with new infections in the thousands on a daily basis, the data also suggests that those who are searching for new opportunities can remain hopeful as employers navigate 'the new normal.' 

LinkedIn also notes that many professionals are looking to upskill during the pandemic - while additionally, a positive note for social media advisors and trainers, "We’ll need widespread reskilling for people who’ve lost jobs and need to acquire digital literacy skills like social media and basic web design; communication and teamwork to navigate a virtual workplace; and soft skills like how to give feedback and overcoming bias."

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