14.06 2020 18:40h

Here's how you can change your Zoom Background

Make your next video call a bit more aesthetically pleasing with a nice background
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At this point, Zoom has become a fixture in most people's lives as we rely on the platform to help us navigate working from home and keeping up with family members. 

Zoom and TikTok have perhaps become the most raging tech apps we never knew we needed until faced with quarantine!

We've all been there though, maybe it's your flat-mate walking in the background or a messy chair that we don't want anyone seeing, we've all tried to hide our background at one point.

Using a background image on Zoom is an easy way to make your chats more fun and festive, or simply to hide a messy room.

How to change your background on Zoom

To change your background in a Zoom meeting, click the ^ arrow next to the Start/Stop Video button. Click Choose a Background. You can select a pre-made background or click the + button to upload a new one. Your new Zoom background should appear on your video as soon as you select it.

You can use your Zoom background to essentially transport yourself out of your house (even while on a work call)

Don't be afraid to have some fun!

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