15.06 2020 14:49h

Why are people turning themselves into Vogue cover stars?

The newest trend was born on Twitter!
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via TikTok

Who doesn’t want to one day be on the cover of Vogue? TikTok stars are taking the initiative and doing it themselves

TikTokkers are editing their photoshoots and selfies to look like they’re on the cover of Vogue magazine. Some have taken old photoshoots and edited the Vogue logo into them, and others have taken artistic pictures especially to suit the trend.

Montages are usually posted alongside a remix of Out West by JACKBOYS feat. Young Thug or with the tag #voguechallenge.


The challenge seemingly started on Twitter after Vogue EIC Anna Wintour said publicly that the legendary American publication has not done enough to 'give space to black creators.'

Since then, black creators have taken matters into their own hands and started sharing their own images photoshopped to look as if they were featured on the cover of the mag. 

Since then. the trend has moved to TikTok and other social media platforms with a slew of creators taking part in the challenge.

Spanish creator Papi Kunno mixed things up with colorful backgrounds.


Algún día lograré poder ser la portada de Vogue

Gimme clout pls - i.i.i.i.i.il

Even James Charles got in on the action with a very avant-garde imagined cover..


It's great to see creators uniting over a fun challenge which aims to include everyone. We hope Anna Wintour is taking some notes!

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