16.06 2020 12:20h

Bunny goes viral after being born without ears

The bunny was born in Northern Ireland
Viral News

A bunny in Northern Ireland has gone viral on social media after being born without ears.

The bunny, known as Leo, was one of eight rabbits born to owner, Kylie Clarke.Initially, Clarke was concerned that Leo would be severely affected by the affliction, but that hasn't been the case.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before," Kylie said. “She’s just beautiful. We called her Leo because she just looks like a wee mini lion."

“I was really scared at the start, but when I started doing a bit more research, I realized it's so rare to happen but it can happen," Clarke added.

Kylie noted that she gave away the other bunnies in the litter, but Leo is staying with her and her four children as a pet.

“I have four kids, two girls and two boys, they just think it's great," Clarke added. "They think its a miracle, if anything it gets more attention than the other rabbits.”


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