22.06 2020 16:10h

Instagram vs. Reality

Influencer Rianne Meijer shows how her photographs would look if she didn't strike the right angles
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With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, Amsterdam based influencer @rianne.meijer has become known for her glamorous outfit shots and enviable travel images.

Rianne however, thinks of it as 'unfair' when influencers only showcase filtered and edited versions of themselves online so she has set out to challenge the status quo.

On a mission to fill her feed with images that are 'real' Rianne has started sharing images that are more candid- including a snap of her double chin after modelling with a defined jaw.

Another Instagram vs. Reality image of the social media star shows her on Times Square in New York, with one half of the photo looking every bit the 'All American' model and the other showing her definitely more ruffled.

Rianne sees no harm in poking some fun at herself via her captions and has stated that she believes it's 'unfair' when known influencers only show themselves as pristine and perfect on the 'gram. 

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My baby @vivianhoorn launched a beautiful swimwear collection with @hunkemoller this week and when she asked me if I wanted to help her spread the message about body positivity, I said YES YES YES. I’ve been naturally skinny my whole life. Most of my years I was more worried about not eating enough instead of eating too much. I remember one day at school a girl shouted at me: are you anorexic or something??!! I’ll never forget that, that made me feel so insecure. At that time it felt like people would have no problem telling skinny people to go and eat a hamburger. That felt so unfair to me. All I wanted was to gain weight haha. As I got older the weight came naturally (also thanks to @royatiya ) and honestly that was hard for me to accept as well. But in contrast to what most people think about social media, these platforms actually helped me love every corner and every shape of me. Sharing my unflattering pics with you guys has helped me loving myself so much! I don’t want to be an advocate for eating fries and pizza every day. I think good nutrition and exercise is the number one priority for loving your body, but that doesn’t mean all body’s aren’t beautiful, because they are they all have a beautiful story. So here’s to me and you and our awesome body’s

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Writing in a recent Instagram post, Rianne said: 'In contrast to what most people think about social media, these platforms actually helped me love every corner and every shape of me.

'Sharing my unflattering pictures with you guys has helped me love myself so much,' she added.

As more influencers and brands advocate for body positivity, it is super refreshing to see someone as popular as Rianne not take herself too seriously on Instagram. 

Do you think that 'perfect' feeds are boring?

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