25.06 2020 13:06h

A social media influencer has died in a horrific crash in Bali

Anastasia Tropitsel was just 18 years old
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via Instagram

An 18-year-old Russian woman, who has been identified as influencer Anastasia Tropitsel, died in a motorbike accident in Bali on Sunday. Local authorities said that her vehicle might have gotten “out of control” as she was riding along Jalan Sunset Road in Seminyak.

Tropitsel, whose real name is Anastasia Zubrina, reportedly suffered severe head injuries when she crashed her Kawasaki Ninja sportbike and died at the scene.

“While she was riding she wobbled to the right and crashed onto a roadside block. It was an extremely hard collision and she died,” Ni Luh Tiviasih, who heads the traffic management unit at the Denpasar Police, said.

According to reports, Tropitsel was driving at more than 90 kilometers per hour and lost control of the sports bike before she eventually collided with the roadside block.

A video that has circulated online shows the aftermath of the accident, wherein Tropitsel was lying lifeless on the street, with her boyfriend sitting by her side waiting for help and people stopping to witness the gruesome scene.

On Instagram, where she has more than 1.2 million followers, Tropitsel described herself as a self-made millionaire who amassed her wealth at 15. She has reportedly been staying in Bali amid the coronavirus outbreak.

A fan account was created just yesterday on Instagram, dedicated to sharing news and details about Tropitsel’s life and passing.

The Russian Embassy in Jakarta has confirmed the death of their citizen with Coconuts Bali, further adding that their consular staff is in touch with her parents in Russia.


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