25.06 2020 14:39h

Maya Jama has deleted her social media

She told followers she was "feeling overwhelmed"
Maya Jama, Influencer News, Digital Detox
via Maya Jama Instagram

Maya Jama has revealed that she has deleted all the social media accounts off her phone and is currently taking a digital detox. 

The social media star and presenter, 25, signed off on Twitter on Monday evening, telling fans she needed to take a detox because she was 'feeling overwhelmed'.   

Maya wrote: 'Deleted social media apps from my phone for a few days to let my mind breathe and my management have been on here instead.

She then posted the same message to her Instagram stories, explaining that her management would be posting on her social media on her behalf, saying, "My team will be posting/ reposting work related things for a little while Brb x. "

The announcement comes just days after she gave a powerful interview to The Guardian in which she spoke about the murder of her childhood boyfriend aged 16, saying, "That changed my life completely. Losing somebody close to you as a teenager, particularly your first love, rocks your whole world and you are forced to see life differently."

Do you think taking a 'digital detox' is helpful to your mental health?

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