03.07 2020 22:41h

Instagram Stories might appear in a new full-screen format in future

The feature is currently under development and limited to only a handful of users for now
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Instagram Stories have always worked better than Posts on the app, and now with this new format, the Stories might become the focus for creators and users.

Instagram Stories is arguably the most successful and interactive features of the app. The company appears to be now planning to make it the centre of the platform, almost as equal as the posts.

Currently, the Stories are visible in the vertical format at the top of the Instagram feed, but if this new format is released, then you will see two-lines of the Stories instead of one. There will also be a new option called 'See All Stories' which will appear right below these two lines and upon clicking that, the screen will expand and you will see only-Stories section.

This will give a new experience to Instagram users and make 'Stories' the focus of the platform after Instagram Posts.

It is worth noting that not all testing features see the day of light, but if everything goes right, we might eventually see Instagram Stories in a new format soon globally. It is, however, unknown at the moment as to when the company is planning to make it live for everyone.

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