05.07 2020 13:01h

4 Types of People You Should unfollow on Instagram Right Now

An Instagram purge can ultimately be a good thing for your mental health and overall experience on the app!
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We wholeheartedly believe everyone could benefit from a good Instagram unfollowing purge.

There's no better feeling than decluttering your feed from the people who annoy you most. After all, you're supposed to enjoy scrolling through your IG every day.

While we all could benefit from unfollowing hundreds of accounts, let's start small. Below are the 4 types of people you should unfollow on Insta right now.

1) The Debbie-Downer


No matter what fun activity this person is doing, they always find a way to bring the vibe down with some sad, moody post. They're always upset about something, but never say it directly. Rather, they post some passive-aggressive photo, video or story hoping someone will reach out and cheer them up. Essentially, they're just fishing for compliments and need all the praise they can get because they're too insecure for their own good. You don't need that on your feed, so set them free.

2. The Friend of a Friend of a Friend


You've literally never met this person, but they followed you due to all the mutual friends you had and you followed them back to be nice. But their posts really irritate you and make you want to log off Instagram for good every time you see them. Why subject yourself to that sort of torture? Unfollow them ASAP! We know it might feel weird, seeing how connected you are, but if they disrupt your day and they're not someone you'd really even consider an acquaintance, you're better off without 'em. Next!

3) The Selfie Obsessed


This type of Instagrammer only posts selfies of themselves and that's about it. They never share anything about their life other than their face at any given moment. They're not all that annoying, except that they are. Similar to the Debbie Downer, they just want compliments and lots of 'em. They hope that by posting all these selfies someone will notice the beauty within them that they can't see in themselves. Didn't expect us to get that deep on you, huh?

4) The Humble Bragger


We all follow at least one or two of these peeps. They exclusively post about the most noteworthy moments in their life and only those moments. From their extravagant weekend vacays to their endless stream of designer threads, the humble-bragger makes sure everyone is aware that their life is envy-worthy. They need reassurance that they're better than everyone else, but do so in a way that makes them look humble… or so they think. We all see right through the facade. So remind us again why you're following them? Oh, that's right, unfollow!


Do you think it's a good idea to do an Instagram purge every now and then?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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