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4 Ways to Engage your Audience on Instagram

Instagram has the highest engagement rates between brands and customers compared to other major social networks
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Over the years, Instagram has evolved from a place to post photos of your food to a powerful driver of business for some of the biggest brands in the world. Adoption among internet users and businesses has exploded and, unlike on most other social networks, people tend to fill their Instagram feeds with brand content.

Consequently, Instagram has the highest engagement rates between brands and customers compared to other major social networks.

A social network where people actually want businesses to get involved sounds like a dream come true, but don’t take that openness for granted. Your fans expect you to treat Instagram just like they would: filling your feed with beautiful images, commenting on the photos of others, and generally being engaging.

If you’re not sure how to engage your audience beyond likes and comments, we’ve gathered a handful of other methods to really make an impression on Instagram.

1) Use Influencers 

If you’re looking to increase your visibility, consider reaching out to other influential Instagram users and accounts. These days, social media influencers are like modern-day celebrities. Collaborating with influencers will help increase your reach, brand awareness, and show people that you’re paying attention to trends.

One of the more important aspects of successfully partnering with influencers is choosing people that are the right fit for your brand. Keeping in mind who your audience is, you want to find influencers who have more than just a big following; you want to find the influencers who have the right following

2) Use your captions to prompt discussion

Far too many brands treat the Instagram caption as an afterthought. Yes, Instagram is a visual social network and the photos matter most, but your caption is valuable real estate that you can use to prompt further engagement.

A good caption, believe it or not, probably won’t be just a few words. The best Instagrammers in the world tend to tell a story, ask a question or use fun hashtags or emojis. Spending time carefully crafting the perfect caption will bring your image to life and help your followers relate to you and your content.

3) Participate in your comment threads

onitoring what your followers are saying about the photos you post, both positive and negative is a big part of engaging your audience. Thank people for kind comments, or for tagging their friends. Actually respond to comments where people ask you questions about the photo, or about your business.

By taking the time to acknowledge them, you prove that you care about what they have to say.

4) Run contests and thoughtful campaigns

Hosting a contest can build some serious excitement around your business or brand. Instagram actually makes it pretty easy to run quick contests that will build your following and increase engagement. The only limitations are your own creativity. Think about what you’re trying to get out of a contest and then consider your options. 

A well-thought out campaign can be an essential part in introducing a new product or aspect of your brand to consumers. 

What are your favorite brands on Instagram?

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