07.08 2017 10:26h

6 Tips To Reduce Social Media Overwhelm

And save heaps of time
Social Media, Time saving, Tips

From the mainstream platforms in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram that you feel you need to be on, you know, because everyone else is, to all the other niche ones out there, what begins as an exciting endeavor to reap the cost efficient benefits of social media, can and often does, result in wasted time, PPC budget and of course, heaps of stress.

but it doesn't have to be, the key, being focused with your efforts. Stop trying to hop on the next trend because it’s a new box on the checklist that everyone apparently needs to tick.

Here are a few tips to help you do just that and hopefully put you in the driver seat of your social media efforts and results.

1. Pick one!

A no brainer, but still a point that needs to be made. Stop trying to be on 5 channels at once, just because everyone else is. Focus on one or two at most when starting out. Grow on those and then expand. How do you choose? Check out our guide on it of course.

2. Think about your core content

What’s your core content you ask? These are the main themes for your page(s) i.e.what you’ll be talking about on a daily basis and what format they’ll be in (video, podcast, articles, etc).

Bonus tip, draft answers to a set of frequently asked questions, should save time in the comments section and your inbox.

3. Put together an editorial calendar

Building off of the point above, plan your content ahead of time. Look at relevant industry events and occasions you think would be great for you to comment on, or better yet, be a part of and schedule them in.

4. Use tools to help

There’s a tool out there for practically everything now, whether it be scheduling content, staying up to date with trends, managing pages and even designing images. While you might not want to subscribe to all of them, think about the most time-consuming functions or the ones you struggle with.

5. Create content in batches

Tempting to leave everything for the last minute, after all, ‘’you work great under pressure’’, but you’ll find it much easier to create a series of posts while you're in the moment, as opposed to trying to get back in the flow of things for a single draft.

6. Get help!

Once you know what channels you need to be on and what you’ll be talking about, how many times a day, week or month, it might be worthwhile getting some outside help to take it off your hands. 


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