21.02 2017 14:06h

How to take your first Snap(chat)

It's never too late to ask for help...
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1. Download and create a profile on the app

2. As soon as you open it up, it goes into camera mode (convenient right). From there, you can either tap the circle to take a picture or hold it down for a video. Your video can be 10 seconds long at most.

3. Before doing either, you can tap on your face to open up a number of lenses

4. After taking the picture, you move on to editing, where…

  • You can add a caption, by tapping the ‘T’ in the top of the screen. Pinch to enlarge of decrease the size of the box
  • Freehand draw by tapping the pencil icon on the screen, the colour can be adjusted using the palette on the right
  • Swipe left of the screen to access a range of filters, from the more traditional Instagram-themed ones, too some custom geo-filters (will be prompted to enable location tracking before use)
  • You can add emojis through the paper symbol. Once again, pitch to zoom in or out.

5. Once you’ve taken your picture or video and you’re happy with the optimisations, click on the arrows in the bottom right, where you can choose to either send it to a group of friends (great for notifying winners and such) or as explained and suggested above, create a story.

And there you have it! Remember to keep playing around, there are tonnes of creative freedom with this one.

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