08.08 2017 10:39h

Apple finally has an Instagram page!

And it's all about you
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So it's official, Apple finally has an Instagram handle. But in typical Apple fashion, it's not like any other you've come across. In an amazing example of the maximizing the value of user generated content, the page was created to feature your photographs, placing you front and center. While simultaneously (but subtly) promoting the stunning capability of the iPhone camera.

The posts are actually a video slideshow of credited images along with a voice-over walking you through the thought process and creation of the same.

#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Shawn T. @_xst "I love it when people find out that they’re in a photo because the reaction is so beautiful. They’re like, 'Oh my God! How did you get this and when was it shot? I didn’t even see you!'” - 2. Laura I. @lauraiz “The person in all of these photos is my daughter. She is my first kid. Every little cliché about love is what I feel about Joey.” - 3. Percy O.A. @fotombo “My poetry and my photography go hand-in-hand.” - 4. Danilo L. @danilo “I’m attracted to everything experimental.” - 5. Laura Z. @laurazazanis “I had to tell my neighbors what I was doing, because now that I do this all the time, they’re gonna think that I’ve lost my mind, dropping all these crazy things into the pool everyday.”

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To nobody's surprise, the page has already garnered over 280k followers. The tech giant encourages people to participate and sends their shots in using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone. So aspiring photogs, if you don't have an iPhone already, perhaps it's time to add it to your creative inventory because this is one platform you don't want to miss out on.


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