14.08 2017 10:48h

How To Make Your iPhone Into A Much Better Music Speaker

Just don't annoy people with it, OK?
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It's 30 minutes into the group camping trip and the batteries on your high-end Bose speaker system are dead.

As the guy supposedly "in charge of the tunes" - you're now facing the wrath of all your friends, who now have no music to listen to. It's looking like possible social exclusion forever.  

But wait, what about your iPhone? 

Bear with us. We know you might have heard various urban myths about cranking up the speaker volume on your smartphone, but no clickbait gimmicks to be found here - this one actually works. And we have the kind fellow behind Twitter handle @thebaemarcus to thank. 

Follow the instructions below, and bask in the new found respect from your pals as you turn your simple iPhone into an auxiliary music speaker (of sorts).

Go to Settings

Scroll to ‘Music’

Select equaliser (‘EQ’)

Select ‘Late Night’

You know what the real kicker is? This functionality has been around since 2014.


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