20.08 2017 15:51h

Sun and Sand Sports is giving your kids the chance to win AED 20,000!

With a judging panel of three UAE influencers...
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Nothing like a little competition to get everyone active and excited. This year, Sun and Sand Sports has launched School’s Got Talent, a platform designed for young sporting enthusiasts to show off their unique talents and win an amazing cash prize of…AED 20,000!

From football and basketball to martial arts and dance, all sporting disciplines are welcome. If you’re within the eligible age bracket of 7-12, all you need to do is head to their site www.schoolsgottalent.com and upload a minute long video of you doing your thing. Here's a quick look at what you'll be going up against. 

Make sure to get your entries in before September 28.

The contest will be open to participants in the UAE & KSA, with 25 of the best videos being shortlisted. Finally, 10 will be selected in the semis to partake in the last round.  Who will decide? Well, you’re family and friends will certainly play a huge part, as 50% of the vote will be open to the public. The other 50% will be reliant on their awesome panel of judges, Vlogger and super car fanatic Mo Vlogs, former professional footballer Jehad Muntasser and last but most certainly not the least, Pearl FM radio jockey Anna Jacob.

For more info as well as a step by step participation guide, head to www.schoolsgottalent.com.


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