29.03 2017 18:33h

How to decode popular hashtags

Confused by millennial digital speak but don't want to admit it? Then this will help...

1.  #sorrynotsorry- Use this unapologetically anytime you post that fifth selfie in a row or your millionth Starbucks coffee – because if you don’t post it on Instagram, were you even there?

2. #WCW/#MCM: ‘Woman crush Wednesday/Man crush Monday’ – you’ll see this with inspiring photos of celebrities, grandparents or significant others on the respective day of the week. 

3. #yolo:‘You only live once’ this one’s great for corresponding with pictures of your latest adrenaline-fuelled adventure or as a justification for taking part in an all you can eat Big Mac challenge. 

4#nofilter: Normally used to showcase serious photography skills, and usually involving a picturesque backdrop of sorts. But, more often than not this hashtag is misleading, with pictures actually being heavily edited.

5#OOTD/#OOTN – Describing your ‘outfit of the day or night’, you’ll find these under outfit photos and full-length mirror photos that capture your deceptively effortlessly put together outfits – conveniently forgetting the frenzy you were in to put this together, just minutes before.

6#Selfie – This one needs no introduction, and you’re very likely to spot this multiple times as you endlessly scroll past your timeline or feed.

7#ICYMI – ‘In case you missed it’ – the internet is fleeting, with posts coming and going and it’s hard to constantly be keeping up with the latest internet sensation, memes or even trends. So fear not, this hashtag is here to help you stay informed.

8.  #fomo – ‘Fear of missing out’ is a very real feeling that millennials can attest to time again. You’re more likely to spot this deep longing emanating from a Gen Y that wasn’t able to be at that party Friday night.

9#blessed – Usually added to show their undying appreciation, but also liberally used in everyday speak. This one’s ideal for also professing your love for your pet, your favourite pair of shoes or even a sunny day.

10#bae – ‘Before anything else’; this one’s been around for a while too, so you'll no doubt be familiar with all varieties of gushing posts aimed at significant others (or usually just 'bessies) that saturate your feed. 


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