29.03 2017 12:47h

5 Social Media Turn-Offs for Brands

You’ve been warned
Social media mistakes, Facebook, Brand engagement

1. Awkward Insta Comments

Yes, people know by now that it isn’t really you behind those comments, and no, it doesn’t make them any more acceptable.

You may think you’re being cheeky adding a sequence of ambiguous comments like ‘Wow’, ‘Nice’ or ‘Very Interesting’ for the bots like Instagress and Gramista, to choose from but it leaves room for creepy scenarios to take place.

2. #Overload

The equivalent of going to a party and talking about work. Hashtags are used to aggregate comments and opinions around a certain topic. No one’s a fan of brands simply using it to extend the reach of irrelevant content. If you have nothing ‘relevant’ to say…do not say anything at all.

Yes and this also means stop turning #every #single #word #into #a #hashtag.

3. Over Posting

We get it, your content is great, very insightful, interesting and maybe even entertaining, but bogging down their feeds with tons of it can be very off-putting.

The first meme was great, the tenth in the span of an hour, not so much.

Don’t take our word for it, ExactTarget studies revealed:

  • 44% of Facebook users unfollowed brand pages because they posted too frequently
  • 52% of Twitter said they did the same due to their content being repetitive and boring.

Think of it as finally getting your crush to chuckle and take notice of you, only to bombard her with some rushed and desperate humor.

4. A Lack Of Originality

A little bit of curated content can go a long way towards keeping your page active and more importantly, your audience up to date. Abuse and over do it and you’re simply seen as uncreative. It's the difference between simply regurgitating content or adding value and insight to the piece.

5. Cheap Visuals

People form a first impression in the first 55 milliseconds and... Facebook posts with images from brands, formed 87% of all engagement An estimated 84% of all communication online is expected to be visual by 2018. It’s too competitive out there for you not too, and poorly done visuals can detract credibility from a brand.


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