22.08 2017 12:25h

6 Hacks to Instantly Make Your Instagram Feed Look Super Professional

Fake it till you make it
Instagram, Tips, Newsfeed

1. Develop key content themes

You need to be pumping out lots of content, one a day minimum to make a dent on Instagram, and as great as the selfies and motivational quotes are, in succession, your feed is going to look a little one dimensional.

2. Pick & follow an aesthetic for your imagery

Dark, moody, bright, colorful, etc look around on the platform and perhaps some Pinterest boards (knew it was good for something) for inspiration.

3. Use a similar toned filter(s) across all your pictures

If producing similar themed imagery is too difficult to do, picking one or two similar filters and applying them across the board is a quick and cheeky way to make your photos look more in tune.

4. Don’t post two pictures of the same type back to back

As much as you love your selfies, try and pepper them in amongst different types of content. Variety is key.

5. Before posting, think of your 1st and 3rd post

Why do you ask? Quite simply, the first post will be right beside your new one and the 3rd right under it.

6. Use different layouts

Switch things up every now and then, creating beautiful and diverse collages or use apps like 9Square to split one image across multiple squares on your feed.


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