22.02 2017 12:57h

How to Create A Profile That ‘She’ Notices

Don't fall at the first hurdle, chaps
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Sure you have a crush or maybe five on your Facebook or Twitter profiles that you’ve been aching to get in touch with. You’re thinking, ‘why not just take the plunge and message her’, and while in most cases we would definitely tell you to go for it, let’s hold on for a bit. 
That part will come, no doubt, but for now let’s go through a few ground rules on how you can set yourself up for success. Hey if you do it well enough, maybe you won’t need to make the first move…but don’t count on it!
1. Share Your Passions
Rock climbing, Fitness, Music, Art, Dancing, all mucho impressive...show complexity, show there’s a lot more to you than just your job, social life and of course, your good looks.
2. Keep Your Wall Clean
Hold back on the profanity; don’t confuse being the "bad boy’’ for one that hasn’t grown up. 
3. Be A Family Man
Not like you needed another reason to chill with the fam, but yes, many women find it very attractive when busy men give their family priority. A sign of what they can potentially expect.
4. No Shirtless Bathroom Selfies!
Need we explain #Cringe 
5. Be Positive
Not happy about this past election cycle?…sorry, didn’t get that from your first thousand tweets. Life is full of obstacles, a positive mindset when approaching them is one of the most attractive traits you could display to a prospective partner.
6. Be ‘’Socially’’ Active
Yes, social proof and acceptance matters…a lot. You don’t need to be posting every other week, but the weekly hangout sesh with your mates can make a ton of difference
7. No Politics!
While it is great you’re up to date on everything, you’re bound to offend and put off somebody, regardless of what your opinion. And in this case, it might be that cute girl you’ve been trying to impress. So hold off, at least till you get her out in person. 
9. Travel
…and show it off. It will do no harm to (subtly) showcase a life that will hopefully, want to be a part of, someday.


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