24.08 2017 12:09h

You can now create panoramic pictures directly from Facebook's app

And upload them as covers!
Facebook, Feature, Camera

Yet another nifty new update from Facebook now makes taking those gorgeous panoramic shots easier than ever. Previously on would have to invest in super expensive camera's or an external app (that nobody's got time for) and then upload to show off, now you can do it from the Facebook app itself.

Better yet, you can upload them directly to your cover photo as well, so there are no excuses for those badly cropped shots (that clearly started off as portraits).

As you've guessed 360 photos will behave just like any other image, meaning you you add them to your cover, timeline, albums, tag friends and the rest. The feature also allows you to zoom into different parts, all of which is super easy to do.

Here's how:

1. Open up the Facebook app (available on iOS & Android)

2. Select '360 Photo' from the top of the news feed where you normally would any update

3. Click on the blue button to start capturing follow the line until you've completed your panorama

4. Choose the starting and ending snapshot and you're done


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