27.08 2017 13:21h

Attention GOT groupies! New Facebook filter allows you to go full Night King

'Coolest' thing ever
GameOfThrones, GOT, Facebook, Filter

As the season draws to a close with a long awaited confrontation finally nearing (we won't say between who), another continues to rage on between Snapchat and Facebook. The social media giant made yet another ' anything you can do I can do better' statement following Snapchat's White Walker filter from last month, with an AR camera effect turning you into none other than the Night King.

The super 'chill' filter is really easy to use, just make sure your app is updated, open it and access the camera either by tapping on the camera icon in the top left corner or swipe right. The icy effect should be available.

Here's Kristofer Hivju aka Tormund, trying it on for size.


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