04.09 2017 15:47h

Captivating 2017 Solar Eclipse Wrecks Multiple Cameras

Not too beautiful now is it
SolarEclipse, 2017, Camera

Don't ever say you weren't warned.

We've all heard, no matter how tempting it may be, that you can't stare directly at the sun during the rare and mystifying occurrence of a solar eclipse. But so long as you nabbed yourself a pair of those Men in Black esque NASA shades you should be fine, and rearing for some gorgeous shots (aka like fodder for your Instagram page), right? Well not quite.

Camera rental company LensRentals had warned about the possibilities of camera damage, and the need for a Solar filter that 'blocks 99% of the suns light from entering into your telescope or camera'. But we're all human, some people didn't listen, the result, a photographer's worst nightmare.

A recent blog post by the company highlighted some of the damages.

From Melted Sensors

To Mirror Damage

And Much more

Zach went on to state: ''The most common problem we’ve encountered with damage done by the eclipse was sensors being destroyed by the heat.''

With these just being ''a few of the pieces of gear we’ve gotten back that have shown damage from the eclipse, and will hopefully serve as a warning to those who are already prepping for the next eclipse in 2024.''


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