05.09 2017 12:01h

Here’s how many cyberattacks we’re foiled in the UAE so far this year

How many?!
Cybersecurity, UAE, Tech

If you’ve been feeling a little insecure about the welfare of your tech and everything contained within in over the last few months, cyber attacks like Wannacry, mass Instagram account hackings, that stuff that went on with Zomato, would mean your justified in your concerns. Hopefully, that translated to beefed up security measures.

The silver lining, however, it could’ve been so much worse. Earlier this week, state news agency WAM reported the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) had foiled 561 cyber-attacks against government, semi-government and private sector websites in the UAE in the first half of this year.

The report highlighted increased aggressiveness from these cyber criminals, with the above already accounting for 53% of the total attacks foiled throughout 2016.

The figures showed 284 attacks were targeting government and semi-government websites, with 277 targeting private sector e-portals.

To curtail the problem, the TRA has been launching awareness campaigns in the form of lectures, seminars and workshops on cyber security. 


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