05.09 2017 16:09h

Has the iPhone 8 price list just been leaked?

You might want to look away

As the big reveal for Apple’s the iPhone 8 (or X) finally approaches (11th September), a myriad of leaks from speculated wireless charging, 95% bezel screen, a virtual home button, and more, have left little to the imagination

While of course, nobody but the factory workers, designers and big wigs over at Apple know which ones are actually true, like with Game of Thrones fan theories, you bring enough of these ‘educated’ guesses into the equation and you've probably stumbled across the truth without even knowing it.

Nevertheless, unsurprisingly, there’s been another. This time, its price, coming from Benjamin Geskin, aka @VenyaGeskin1 on Twitter.

According to his page, Benjamin's a mobile reporter, and his source for this juicy tid bit, a friend of a friend. No, quite literally, see below.

Not exactly the most legit (at least we're hoping), but if it is to be believed, the cheapest option will start at USD 999 which is approx. AED 3600; a little over USD 100 more than the iPhone 7 when it came out last year.

Silver lining, a more wallet friendly option might be available in the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus which will be announced at the same event.

But given that this is only a rumor, maybe there's nothing to worry about at all. We'll find out September 11th.


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