13.09 2017 10:45h

11 Things You Need to Know About The iPhone X

Or the 'Ten' as it's pronounced
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Well, here it is. Are you excited? Underwhelmed? Or simply just wondering, like us, which organ to sell on the black market to afford Apple's latest flagship creation. 

We'll be honest, from what we've seen so far of the new iPhone X at Tim Cook's big reveal last night... we're firmly in the 'Impressed' camp.

And while the changes and updates (compared to preceding iPhone models) are indeed, plentiful, for ease we're going to keep this list to the ten things you really need be aware of before making the hefty purchase.

1. It will start at $999. And that's just for the 64GB model. 

2. The brand new design features an all-glass front and back. The face will be completely bezel free, enhanced with glorious OLED resolution and galvanised with a deeper strengthening layer of glass that is, in Apple's words, "the most durable in a smartphone" ever, sealed for water and dust resistance.

3. The glass back means the iPhone X boasts wireless charging capability, simply set it down on the appropriate charging mat and watch it go. The new Air Mat will be big enough to wirelessly charge your watch, iPhone and AirPods all at the same time.

4.  Battery life is allegedly two hours longer than the iPhone 7, owing to some savvy software enhancements. 

5. Yep, you guessed it. No headphone jack...which means investing in AirPod wireless headphones (if you haven't already).

6. The Home Button is gone. 

7. ....And replaced with the rather exciting sounding FaceID - meaning the iPhone X is unlocked when detecting the user's face via the depth sensing front camera. It measures all angles of your visage, recognising it from any angle, in the dark, when you're wearing glasses, a hat or have changed your hairstyle. If you've set it to ID you with your eyes open, then looking at it with your eyes shut won't unlock it.
 And don't worry, we're assured that someone simply holding up your photo to the sensor won't trick it into unlocking. That would suck.

8. It has Animojis - essentially software that use your FaceID to lay your facial expressions into emojis. So far, there's a dozen.

9. The camera is a heavy hitter. A 12-megapixel sensor and a load of other techy additions we don't understand have resulted in the most beautiful iPhone shot ever seen. The front-facing camera, in particular, has been bolstered - with the new Portrait mode harnessing real-time, reactive lighting to make those selfies even more aesthetically pleasing, before and after the photo is taking. 

10. Currently, the iPhone X comes in Space Grey and Silver.

11. Pre-orders begin on October 27 and regular sales begin November 3 - becoming online available for delivery in the Middle East then, also.

Want to know more? Then check out Apple's lovely new video here


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