14.09 2017 12:25h

5 Things We *Wish* The New iPhone X Had

Sure, we love the new design, but these additions be great, wouldn't they?
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1. A Better Price Point: Sure, quality costs money. But we'd rather not have to sell off our Toyota Yarris to afford one. 

2. A Headphone Jack : While the AirPods may be dainty and vaguely more stylish than their predecessors (in that 90s bluetooth mobile headset kind of way), they're expensive, easy to lose and look like weird sort of earrings. 

3. Snake: Ah, the original Millennials' mobile phone game of choice.  Yes yes, we know it's owned by Nokia...but this is a hypothetical wish list, after all.  
If you don't know what we're talking about...have a look here.

4. 24hr Battery Life: Dreaming...we know. But going out for the day and not carrying a portable charger everywhere really would be nice.

5. Temperature Proof Casing: Meaning you could actually leave your phone by the pool in UAE summertime for ten minutes without it locking you out for being too hot to use...or even touch

6. A More Realistic Autocorrect: Yes, with profanities if needs be. No...I do NOT mean duck.

7. A Battery You Could Take Out: Remember the halcyon days of, when faced with a playing-up phone, removing the battery, blowing on the inside and re-inserting it? Voila, problem solved. 

To see what you CAN expect from the iPhone X, click here 



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