04.10 2017 17:57h

Photography 101 From Sony Cameras

The brains behind some of the world's most impressive cameras offer some tips and tricks
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1.Your camera is just a tool...you are the artist. 

2. Technology makes you more creative and efficient, you just need to take advantage of it.  And first, you need to understand it. 

3. It's paramount to capture your subject in detailed precision. Focusing on your subject's eyes is a good place to start, your audience feels connected. Sony EYE-AF technology inbuilt in their devices allows the photographer to track the eyes of the subject with ease.

4. 4K is the future. If you look back at your old photos taken with a 3 or 4-megapixel camera - what you initially thought was in focus then, will now look blurry. It's the same for video. Shooting in 4K now means you can downscale to full HD. Happy days.

5. Invest in a camera that will save you money in the future, and minimise your setup. Want a recommendation? Well, Sony points to the A7SII - a winner if you shoot in a lot of low-light conditions. 

6. The most common issue anyone experiences when taking a photo is the subject being out of focus. If that's a regular struggle for you, the Sony A9 camera has 693 focus points, (that's a whopping 93% of the coverage of the image area) to give you the best chance at nailing that shot. 

7. Shooting in slow motion is a really easy way to make your footage look a lot more creative. 

8. If you find colour correction in post edit a pain, Sony's S-Log will save you some precious time - the colour is flat so you can do your grading easily. 

9. There is no product that offers *everything* so don't be fooled by salesman saying there is. 

10. Identify what you need, and understand the features and specification. Relate them to what you need.

To check out more of Sony's latest camera technology, visit their website here


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