27.02 2017 09:43h

6 Traits That Will Have People Flocking To Your Channels

How many have you mastered?
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1. Confidence

Much like in the social and dating scene, there is nothing more attractive than self-confidence.  But how do you exude confidence on social media? Well, in the tone of your writing of course, but more importantly, video content! Facebook Live, YouTube and Instagram videos are all amazing means to showcase your personality properly. Just don't get camera shy.

If you haven’t already, hop on the Snapchat bandwagon as well. Snapchat allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper and more genuine level…not to mention takes some serious figurative cojones to use effectively.

2. Use Your Friendships

Nothing builds instant credibility and trust quicker online than when you see your friends and loved ones engaging with that content. Think back to the first time you’ve noticed a new brand or person on Facebook, a mutual friend makes all the difference.

So as part of your strategy, constantly try and get people involved through contests, polls and of course relevant and value adding content at all times. 

3. Being Attentive

If you’ve checked out some of our previous content (of course you have), you probably know what our opinion is towards automated responses.

We don’t care how much you’ve paid for it and how premium the service is, people know an automated message when they see one.  Solid and personable customer service will always have a place and unless you’re a gigantic multinational firm with a billion fans we wouldn’t suggest it…and even in those cases we’d recommend putting a person behind the function.

Do note that saved responses for common inquiries are quite different from bots used for auto likes, stalking and responses. Not going to take any names, they know who they are.

4. Be Diverse

Same over and over again is boring! Make sure to include a variety of formats into your content from the average curated post to keep your fans informed, to info graphics, videos and your own personal spin on trending topics.

What should be constant…is your alignment with your core themes and competencies.  In other words, while they should know who to turn too for info in a specific field, they shouldn’t be able predict what’s coming before they see it.

If you’re looking for a starting point, refer to our piece on developing a fresh and active content publishing routine.

5. Get Recognition

Be an authority in your field. While we’re sure your content is head and shoulders above the rest, being recognised as an influencer/authority would require 1)A large and engaged following 2) Reference from other industry leaders and publications

The first point is attainable through everything discussed, the second on the other hand requires you to be your own PR agent.

What does that mean? Hustle! Get in touch with leading publications and volunteer to guest post. Even for free to start with. Don’t worry they’ll be paid for soon enough. And take part in industry events and exhibitions and cover your presence at the same.

 6. Become Sought After

Once again, like in the real world, everyone wants to hang out with the ‘cool kid in school’, having tons of friends/followers makes you just that. It makes you trustworthy, interesting and shows there’s a lot to learn or gain from being in your presence. Build up your following using the tactics herein and of course our guides for doing so on each platform, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Once you’ve done so, make sure to show it off. Not by shoving it in people's faces but subtly drop in some thank you’s after hitting milestones or showing engagement numbers on your blog articles.

There you have it, exhibit these characteristics and you’ll be turning heads online in no time.


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