27.02 2017 10:46h

How To Pick the Right Channels For You

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…so many channels, so little time!

As a wannabe influencer, you’ve probably figured that social media and online marketing is crucial to the success of your blog and endeavor in general, but with new platforms popping up out of the wood works for what it seems like almost every quarter which one do you choose to focus your oh so limited time on.

For starters, you definitely need to pick. Trying to using them all without the team and capacity requirements can spell disaster, and result in you having none instead of at least some.

And now, here’s a little checklist that should make your choice a little easier:

1. Is Anybody Home?

Well, maybe not anybody, just your audience. Whether it be broad i.e. homeowners looking for DIY tips, a slightly narrower i.e. the socialite, or even more niche i.e. skateboarders, find out which platform your prospective fans call home.

Easier said that done right. Where and how do I look? Well, on a broader demographic and trend analysis scale, you could refer to national statistics and reports on sites like globalmediainsight.com or locally at dmc.ae.

But if that isn’t reassuring enough, you can always, well, ask! If you have an email list or database, you could possibly send over some small questionnaires.

Or perhaps visit relevant trade shows, events and exhibitions and ask around. These are great opportunities to promote what you do as well.

Get more involved by maybe booking a table, a speaking opp, or something depending on what type of event it is.

2. If It Ain’t Broke…

You’ve heard the rest…
If you’ve chanced onto a platform and you’re quite successful on the same, not only in terms of page likes/followers but more importantly engagement, don’t let this article and the lack of planning in selection dissuade you.

If they’ve taken a liking to your content, they’re most likely the people you’re trying to reach. Looking for some reassurance, dig into your page analytics. Having some trouble navigating these waters, check out our guide on the same. Who knows, you might uncover some unexpected guests. Still not quite sure?

You could always take the manual route of opening up your insights and comparing the user profiles to your understanding of your audience.

3. Where My Peers At?

While we’re sure you have your own unique flair and take on something, the chances are you’re not the only one doing it or appealing to a similar audience. So pay attention to where your direct and indirect competitors succeed. Once again try and look past page following (those can be bought) and track their engagement levels. Now, this shouldn’t be used as the sole basis of your channel selection. After all, there might be something they’re missing. Not to mention, you’re use of certain unique channels like Snapchat could give you that competitive edge you need.

But combining the same with the others points herein should help you cover all bases.

4. Can You Cope?

Almost every influencer and business would probably tell you they’d love to build a YouTube channel. I wonder why? Perhaps the fact that it’s the highest video sharing platform of them all and even rivals TV. So why don’t they do it? Well, it’s hard.

And if you’re use of the platform (like many) includes releasing one suspect video after the other every quarter for your anaemic subscriber base, it’s best you focus your attention elsewhere for the time being. Think of the type of content whether more imagery and videos based, and the required frequency.

Alternatively, if you’d like to reap the benefits of video content for instance, maybe divert your attention to Snapchat, where you can get away and even succeed with more natural and personable (and lower quality) content.

In conclusion, you don’t need to hop on every bandwagon and manage five different platforms. Instead, find the best 2 or 3 channels for you, prepare yourself for success and invest in building them out.

Once done, and you kind of have them running on cruise control you can consider expansion. With most of us today practically using every one of them, you’ll probably find it a lot easier to build the newer ones out through common users.

If you need some help wrapping your head around these channels, look around; we’ve got guides waiting for you.


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