15.01 2017 12:29h

How The Fashion Industry Is Using 360-live Video To Branch Out

Behind the scenes access using live-stream is growing
360 video, Fashion

The 360-degree live video is the latest craze on social platforms. Initially used by Facebook, Twitter has recently unveiled plans to offer the broadcasting capability in conjunction with the live streaming app Periscope. This allows viewers and subscribers alike an exclusive, behind the scenes access to events and unveilings, all in real time.

As a result, a number of consumer brands are jumping on the tech bandwagon and using this platform to create content this way to target a wider and untapped audience. It's worth noting, however, that Twitter has announced the functionality will only be available to select partners.

There are many advantages to this new feature, for brands, influencers and viewers alike, as live video will allow unparalleled access to never before seen footage of exclusive events such as fashion shows, galas and award ceremonies, bridging the gap between influencer, brand and consumer.

There is a marked increase in social websites offering social streaming options for their users. For instance, Facebook offers a similar model, with Instagram offering Instagram Live – a live streaming option for its users.  This is an important functionality as no two viewers are the same, and reaching and retaining untapped masses requires time and effort. Live Streaming offers a fresh way to update and create content that is new and different.


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